Bill Clinton Visits Odessa

By Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA--When you looked out into the crowd, you could see the support the Clinton campaign has here in the basin.

From signs that read Hillary for President, to homemade ones on poster board, both for her, and her opponents.

Some came to the rally already knowing which one was getting their vote.  While some, still just werent sure.

Zana Miles was one of those undecided ones.  "When asked who I'm going to vote for, I don't know. I'm not going to vote for McCain.  It has nothing to do with political affiliation.   The color of my skin says I should vote for Obama, but I am a woman, so I should vote for Hillary.  I just don't know. But I do know, the Democrats are going to win."

Whether the preference lies with Clinton or Obama or even on the other side of party lines, voters who came to listen to President Clinton's speech agree, America needs change.

Andrew Bradford told us who he's supporting.  "I'm voting for Ron Paul, because he's a Constitutionalist.  He's for limited government.  I don't feel the government should impose a lot of rules in my life.  I think they should be there basically to provide security for me."

Local support for the Senator from New York was overwhelming.   The reasons varied from her stand on the issues to her gender.

Henry Abalos, the President of Tejano Democrats says, "I've heard it from many Republicans of all colors saying that they are dissatisfied with the Republicans, and what they have done to our country.  They've bankrupted our country over the war, no health care.  The economy is in horrible shape.  Republicans are very, very dissatisfied with the Republicans, and some of them have told me that they are voting Democrat this year."

Katy Lara is voting for Clinton because,  "She's a woman, and we need a woman in the White House.  That's exactly what we need.  It's time for a change."

The former President, speaking from the bed of an antique pick up, praised the newly found Bi-Partisan cooperation in Washington and credited the efforts of his wife for many acomplishments that have taken place for the benefit of America.

Clinton commented, "We now have a bi-partisan majority in the U.S. Senate for real action on global warming that will create jobs and save the world for our kids and grandkids.  Because, even though they have a lot of differences, she doesn't believe we should stay in Iraq for 100 years for example.  They like each other.  They work together and they are making America better together.  That's what you want in a President, somebody who will not just talk about it, but who will do it."

Clinton told West Texans, "She is your candidate.  She is the best change maker I have ever seen.   She'll be a great President, but Texas has to take her there."

He also encouraged voters to go out on March 4th or vote early.

If you missed the opportunity to see President Clinton in person, you can still watch and listen to his speech in it's entirety by clicking the link on this page saying "Click here to view the entire Bill Clinton Speech in Odessa."

Also, if you are interested in early voting you can do that through Feb. 29.   You can also get information on voting locations and times by clicking here.