Boy Scouts Office Receives $200,000 for Much Needed Renovations

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The Boy Scouts Building in Midland has been around for 50 years, and boy is it showing.

Everything from the ceiling tile, to the floors, along with the heating and cooling, all needs replacing.

Officials say it's time for some much needed renovations.

To do that, they've been given 200 thousand dollars by the Abell Hangar Foundation.

The local scouts also raised 450-grand for the job.

"The Boy Scout Program obviously has been around almost 100 years and we've been here in West Texas for much of that time.  We have a huge impact on the lives of the kids and the families we serve.  We don't have an adequate facility that we can take care of all the training, the supplies, the things our constituancy needs and it's difficult for us to do our job and for them to do their job," Boy Scouts Exec. Dir Lyman Gifford told NewsWest 9.

The Boy Scouts Council is also replacing old technology with newer state of the art equipment.

A permanent endowment has been established to ensure their building is well maintained in the future, and to keep the technology current.