USDA Beef Recall

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

All it took was a bit of undercover video to get the USDA to order the largest beef recall in us history.

Video that shows unspeakable acts of abuse.

Some of the meat in this recall made it's way to school cafeterias across the nation, including Midland/Odessa.

The video that got the ball rolling on the recall, was taken at the Westland/Hallmark slaughterhouse, in Chino, California.   It was released by the Humane Society in January.

Employees were caught on tape, mistreating cattle.   Some, going so far as to move sick or crippled animals, with a forklift.

USDA officials say these animals should never have been in a slaughterhouse to begin with.

Food Saftey Inspection Services has determined them as "unfit for human consumption. "

The recall includes 143 million pounds of beef, produced since February 2006.

The concern over the recall is especially large, since this slaughterhouse supplies meat to the Federal School Lunch Program and some fast food chains.

The president of Westland/Hallmark issued a statement saying he was "shocked and horrified" by the actions of his employees.

He insists his company complies with all USDA requirements.

Two of those employees, now face animal cruelty charges.

USDA officials want to emphasize this beef is "not" tainted.   It just came from animals that were considered unfit to eat.

Also, there have been "no" reports of "any" illnesses connected with this batch of beef.

As for the meat that made it's way to the basin, food service officials at ECISD and MISD tell NewsWest 9, it will remain in their freezers until they hear from the Texas Agriculture Department, on what to do with it.

That decision is expected later this week.  

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