A Good Cup of Ray-Ray's

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS- It's been less than a year since Andrews soldier Cpl. Ray Bevel died serving in Iraq, but his family is already brewing up a way to keep his name alive.

"It's great to see his name live on," said Cpl. Ray's Coffee patron Marty Chadwick, "I love it, it's a great place. Me and all of my friends come out here on our motorcycles, and hang out and fellowship and have a good time."

Some might say it's one part hometown hero and one part good coffee.

"Alot of times you just come here and its just packed," Jynna Chadwick a regular at the coffee shop.

Corporal Ray Bevel died April 21, 2006, his father and step mom didn't just want his memory to fade.

"I don't know if it is therapy or something we felt like we needed to do, to honor him and his sacrifice. It's still very difficult for us. I am sure it always will be," said Cpl. Ray's Owner, Jerry Bevel, "I see his name everyday, and I hear people talking about the drinks, and talking about Ray Ray's and so I think it keeps his name alive."