Money Headed Your Way?

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- You may have a $600 dollar check with your name on it in your mailbox this May, if you make less than $75 thousand dollars if you are single, or $150 thousand dollars if you are married. Couples will get $1200 dollars and $300 dollars per child.

Wednesday, President Bush signed the $168 billion dollar economic stimulus package to boost the economy. According to the IRS if you file your taxes and qualify, the check will either be sent to your door or deposited into your bank account through direct deposit.

"They just have to wait until the check appears in the mail," said Leroy Wegner, of Wegner Book Keeping and Tax Service, who has been doing taxes for more than a decade and says the plan will not change how you file your taxes.

But already the IRS reports at least one scam that uses your rebate check as bait and they want you to know they will never ask for any bank or credit information over the phone.

130 million Americans are expected to qualify for the extra tax money. Around the Basin many people we spoke to told NewsWest Nine they plan to pay bills with their extra spending money.