Ector County Suffering Shortage of Election Workers

By Victor Lopez
NewWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY--Despite all their efforts, Ector County Elections Officials are still short the number of workers it takes to make a normal election day run smoothly.

According to Mitzi Scheible, Ector County Elections Administraor, "We're having such a hard time, this election, finding election workers and judges.  I have had ads in the paper, and we've advertised on TV. We're just not getting any response. "

Scheible feels the high profile candidates and the controversial issues involved are going to make Election 2008 a high turnout day in Ector County.  She says," I think it's created a lot of interest in the voters and I think we'll have a real high turn out.   I believe it will be higher than the '06 election, the Gubernatorial Election."

And it's that expected turn out that has her concerned, that there will be enough workers at all the polling places.  She remarked, "If we don't have enough, then we might have to take emergency measures and combine some of the polling locations together."

In order to avoid that end,  Scheible is asking for help from the community.   To sign up and become a polling place employee.   A position that pays, for whoever is interested.  Scheible added, "On this particular election, they are paid by the parties.  It's seven dollars and hour, for 12 hours."

And although it's too late to register to vote, you have plenty of time to call and sign up to work the polls. To do so, you can call the elections office at 498-4030.   They will put you through a complete training session and get you ready for Election Day.