Sweet Day to Make A Buck

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Hearts and chocolates may be on the shelves, but Valentine's Day gives Basin business a shot of green.

"It brings in a lot of money. Next to Mother's Day and Valentine's day is one of our biggest days of the year. We prepare for it. We have meetings," said Emily Binns of the Wall Street Bar and Grill where they are expecting a big crowd, but will not be taking reservations this year, " As a whole it's just easier. So that things run smoothly in the back and it doesn't get cramped in the kitchen."

Across town at The Sedona Mexican Grill, they're not sure what to expect.

"This is the first time under this new ownership to be opened on Valentine's Day, but we are hoping everything will go smoothly," said Marie Granado who advises everyone to check if the restaurant they want to go to takes reservations.

Other businesses also get the boost.

"I splurged, it's one of those special days," said Jarik Rivers, who bought a diamond necklace for his wife.

"We set a spending limit of how much we were going to spend on each other, We said fifty dollars each, he went way over," said Catherine Rivers.