Tragic Accident Leaves Boy With Little Brain Activity

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

COLORADO CITY- A tragic accident back on January 25th, at Perades Park, may cost one local boy his life, after he asphyxiated on a rope used by kids to swing.

"Jacory was a fun kid, he was full of energy. His class has come this week and told me story after story," said Hutchinson School Counselor Charolette Upshaw.

Hutchinson Elementary Principal Kitten Arthur doesn't want parents to think its a pattern but she wants parents to talk to kids about playing safe.

"It wasn't even that far off the ground, kids put their foot in the swing in it. It was just hanging from the swing set," said Arthur, "It's a tragic accident, I honestly do not believe it is a part of the choking game."

The entire Vidal family is now in Lubbock where Jacory is hanging on, still with very little brain activity.

"It's definitely always a good time to talk to your kids about being safe and playing safe," said Upshaw.