EXCLUSIVE...Lawyer Involved in Sex Scandal Running For County Attorney

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

WINKLER COUNTY - When you ask Scott Tidwell why he is running for County Attorney, his answer is pretty simple.

"There are currently pending in Winkler County over 600 misdemeanor criminal cases some of them dating back more than 10 years.  I feel like if a person is accused of a crime, it needs to be resolved, one way or the other by jury trial if need be," Tidwell said.

But the fact, he himself at one time faced criminal charges in Ector County is now a thing of the past.

"I've made mistakes, as have a lot of people, and I took the blame for mine.  The system dealt with it as it does, and I have moved on from there," Tidwell said.

Tidwell pleaded guilty to one count of prostitution, a Class B Misdemeanor, and was ordered to pay $1300 fine plus court costs.

He has solid support from all sectors of law enforcement in the County, and hopes that his past mistakes wont make a difference in the March election.

His opponent, Current Asst. Co. Atty., Steve Toliver has his own opinion about Tidwells past and how he is running his own campaign.

"I have met him in the last few months, he seems to be a reasonable attorney, we get along, he was in here this morning discussing the case.  I am running a campaign on what I can do and on my positive campaign. I don't want to get into any kind of mud slinging," Toliver said.

Toliver is no stranger to the Office of County Atty having held the position from 1982 until 1990.

His platform, just like Tidwell, clean up the backlog of cases on the docket.

It wont be known until Election Day if Tidwell's past will have any effect on who gets elected, but even so he remains very optimistic.

"I hope it wont have any effect, I have never during my legal career, had my license suspended/revoked, any adverse action taken against it.  My license is a good solid, outstanding license and I am able to fully practice law," Tidwell said.