Qualified Substitutes Needed in Monahans

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MONAHANS- A wave of sick calls and a shortage of substitutes forced the Monahans-Wickett-Pyote Independent School District to shuffle staff members, last week, to make sure every classroom was covered.

"We even shift people from place to place if we have to," said Assistant Superintendent Glenna Applewhite, "It's been difficult on some days to get everybody covered."

Over the last two weeks on several days more than ten percent of the MWPISD staff needed a substitute.

"It is critical sometimes," said Applewhite, "When it begins to effect your students that's when you need to step back and go what decision do we make that will be best for our kids."

This time of year many districts around the Basin face shortages, but in Monahans they're hoping community members will step up to help.

"It makes it easier on students, and that's our bottom line," said Applewhite.

The district already has 35 substitutes and plans to get three more within the next few weeks but District representatives say not every substitute can teach every day of the week or are they willing to teach every grade level. Applewhite says only 12 on the list can fill in any day and in any classroom.

At the start of the year, the district posted flyers and advertised on cable.

For More information, call 943-6711.