At the End of Their Rope

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

WEST ODESSA- Fires in West Odessa are pushing fire crews all over the basin out into the brush, sometimes with only a skeleton crew.

"We're stretched thin, there have been times it's been me and the Fire Chief," said Volunteer Fire fighter, Andrew Gambs"This week we've just been crazy."

All over the basin Fire Crews have spent the week knocking down fires but with only two crew members it can get overwhelming.

"Daytime really hurt us, were really short handed daytime for firefighters," said Fire Chief Jimmy Ellis, who says during the day most crew members have day jobs, "No, that's not anywhere near Ideal, that's dangerous."

Fire Crews want people to obey the burn bans and to be extra cautious.

"A grass fire has got to go somewhere. Yesterday the grass fire they had burned a travel trailer," said Chief Ellis.

Today the crew spent hours working on converting donated trucks, in case they need them. Chief Ellis says the factors contributing to fire are here to stay.

"It's four foot tall and dead. It's just like gasoline, you know, one spark and it goes," said Chief Ellis.