Candidates Make Last Push on Super Tuesday

by Brooke Hart
NBC News

Today, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama go head-to-head in 22 contests coast to coast.

Obama ended the day late in Boston brimming with confidence.

"I am here to tell you that if you believe then we can bring about change in America right here and right now," Democrat Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama.

In Connecticut, senator Hillary Clinton acknowledged the toll all the campaigning has taken on her voice.

"That's such a problem for working moms, pause, this comes and goes," said the hoarse Democrat Presidential Candidate.

At Senator Clinton's alma mater, Yale Law School, she was clearly moved by the welcome, "well, I said I would not tear up. Already we're not exactly on that path."

Among Democrats, signs of momentum could come early in New York and Massachusetts, two of several states up for grabs.

Republican Mitt Romney bet on California, shifting his schedule last-minute to campaign there.

"Something big is happening in California!" said Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.

Polls show Romney in a late surge in the Golden State.

Worry enough to John McCain he goes there this morning, after storming the northeast.

"When I get the nomination, I will come back and compete for New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and these states in the Northeast," said Republican Presidential Candidate Senator John McCain.

Back in Arkansas, a bucked-up Mike Huckabee hinted he sees voter pressure.

"If you run into somebody that says I don't care where he's from, I ain't votin' for Huckabee, let the air out of their tires. Do not let those folks go vote tomorrow!" said Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee.

Now today, the day voters decide which candidates have wheels to go the distance.

The first polls to close are Georgia's at 7:00pm est.

That's when the delegate math begins and continues until California's results come in, probably not until the wee hours of the morning.