Grassfire in West Odessa Destroys Abandoned Trailer

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

WEST ODESSA - Firefighters in West Odessa do know what caused a two acre blaze that destroyed an abandoned trailer home on Hoffman Street.

Officials say a man was burning trash in a barrel, and it somehow spread to a grassy area.

Nearby residents grabbed hoses just in case it spread to their homes.

At first, only two fire units from West Odessa responded, but they called for back-up when they realized the blaze was getting out of control.

One witness feared the worst and called 9-1-1.

""I live at one house over, and at my shop, I just left my shop, one of the neighbors across the street called me right after I left told me there's a huge fire behind my house and she thought the trailer park was on fire, which I knew they had alot of high brush and the wind was blowing.  So I turned around and hooked it back over here and the whole trailer park was on fire.  The mobile home it started falling down and I called 911," John Turner, who lives in the trailer park, said.

Even though residents are allowed to burn their trash with certain restrictions, officials are asking everyone to use common sense and not burn trash when it's windy.