Confiscated Guns

By Michael Stafford
Newswest 9

A police evidence room is a very interesting place.  It's where every weapon used in local crimes is temporarily stored.

Some of the rifles Police showed us are even the types terrorists like to use.

Police certainly aren't against people who own guns, but they are more than happy to get them out of the hands of dangerous criminals.

An entire arsenal of weapons behind closed doors in the Police evidence room.

"I would say about 10 percent are illegal, the rest are confiscated," says Evidence Supervisor Tyson Eichholtz.

From AK-47's, your basic assault rifle to sawed off shotguns, most of them taken off the streets during drug cases, gang activity, or burglaries.  Some are even held for capital murder cases. 

"We have one gun here, which is a double barrel.  This AK-47 waiting on courts will be department use, go to SWAT," Eichholtz added.

Everyday can be an interesting one for Tyson Eichholtz, the evidence supervisor who's seen it all.  The most interesting type of weapon he sees, might be the ones terrorists like to use.

"This is a legal weapon, and what we'll do is get a court order for department use, and officers will be trained what terrorists use, and what it sounds like.  These are SKS's and the AK-47 and terrorists like these kinds of guns and why is that, they're more available than any other guns," Eichholtz says.

Everyday that officers confiscate a weapon, they're inspected, placed into special lockers, and they're bagged and tagged for processing.  On many occassions, the serial number lets them if it's stolen, try to return it to the rightful owner.

The main goal for Interim Police Chief Price Robinson is to get these guns off the streets, and far away from the criminal element.

"Illegal knives and guns off the streets, they're nothing but trouble," says Interim Police Chief Price Robinson. 

There is a good part to all this, the swords and knives are taken to auction, and the proceeds go back to the City's general fund, some guns that aren't destroyed are dismantled and the spare parts also are sold at an auction which means Police will never have to worry about them falling back into the wrong hands.