New Part-Time Jobs at the Midland County Jail

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's a new solution members of the Midland Sheriff's Office will hope lighten the load for workers at the county jail. County Commissioners approved a plan to hire part-time jailers. And it could help reduce the workload for staff already working overtime.

Deputies with the Sheriff's Office are trying to do everything they can to hire more workers at the jail. And even though the new plan will only allow for part-time workers until the end of September, Deputies are hoping it will help.

"It has fluctuated. The past couple of years, anywhere from over 20, to I think right now we're down about 16," said Chief Deputy Ed Krevit.

The Midland Jail has been short workers for some time, but now the plan accepted earlier this week from County Commissioners will move 15,000 dollars to pay part time jailers. Deputies said Wednesday they have about 6 or 7 people interested in working.

"Most of these people have worked for us in the past, so they already have experienced working in a detention facility, so the learning curve won't be that great, and they can more or less step in, and pick up where they left off," explained Chief Deputy Krevit.

And with more people working in the jails, members of the Sheriff's Office said it will actually help money-wise, because they won't have to pay nearly as much in overtime. For deputies, it's just one more strategy for getting the help they need.

"We're doing just about everything we can, we are advertising, we've made new presentations on the county website, where they can actually fill out applications and take the typing tests that's necessary," added Krevit.

Midland Deputies also told NewsWest 9 the new employees could start working with the next month. They also added, there's no preferred way to apply, so whether it's online, by phone, or just walking in, they said they'll be happy to talk to you.