Mistaken Identity in Big Spring

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- Will the real Timothy Shane Haynie please stand up?

Police arrested a man claiming to be Timothy Haynie back in 2002 on armed Robbery charges. Biloxi police booked Haynie, finger printed him and sent the prints to the FBI. Authorities sent Haynie to the Harrison County Jail where he remained until Sunday, when he and three other inmates broke out of prison. Monday all the escaped convicts were back behind bars. Monday night Haynie was found dead in his cell.

Authorities say Haynie committed suicide by hanging but the most shocking part, they now believe he is not who he claimed to be.

Prosecutors say he took over the identity of his childhood friend at least as far back as 2002.

Authorities now believe he is in fact Cody Blair Green of Big Spring. They are still conducting DNA tests to confirm his true identity.

Newswest Nine tracked down the man police believe to be the real Timothy Shane Haynie who still lives in Big Spring. Haynie told Newswest Nine he found out about the identity theft, when a future employer told him he was listed as a convict. He says it came as a huge shock but he knew exactly who could be behind it. Haynie says Green started to get in trouble back when they were in school, and they parted ways. He says he hadn't seen Green in ten years. Now he says he and his attorney are working to clear his name.

NewsWest 9 spoke to Captain Peterson in Biloxi, he says their records don't show whether or not Green showed any other identification, but his fingerprints were sent off to the FBI after the 2002 Arrest. Haynie says he and his attorney do not know how they will proceed with the case.

Haynie says after the news of Green's suicide, he feels for his family.