Missing Stop Sign in Ector County Now Replaced

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

Good news Monday for residents in Gardendale. Thanks to a NewsWest 9 phone call Monday afternoon, a stop sign was replaced at the corner of Goldenrod and Chinaberry. Residents say they first noticed the sign missing about two weeks ago, and even though a new sign is now up, they're hoping drivers will slow down and watch carefully if they approach the intersection.

"Traffic on Goldenrod, it's fifty-five, but there's a lot of people that go a little faster than that. And, of course, they do fifty-five, sixty, up and down Chinaberry quite a bit as well," said Jeff Huckabee, a Ranch Foreman for Odessa College.

Huckabee said there's always the possibility of a dangerous wreck around the intersection. He said he's not sure what happened to the stop sign, but there are some clues.

"And you can see the tire tracks from someone who had wiped the sign out completely, and I guess they decided to keep it as a souvenir. Because it wasn't there either," explained Huckabee.

He said he contacted Ector County officials about replacing the sign, but hadn't heard a response. And there's always a concern another fatal accident on Goldenrod could repeat itself.

"There have been several wrecks out here on Gardendale. They're usually pretty quick about replacing stuff like that," said Huckabee.

He advised drivers to slow down and make sure you're paying attention.

"I'm really cautious anyways, so I always make sure and keep an eye out," added Huckabee.

NewsWest 9 also talked with Ector County Commissioner Greg Simmons. He said he wasn't aware of the missing stop sign until we asked him about it. If there ever is another missing stop sign, he said residents should let their County Commissioner know, or they can contact the Ector County Roads and Bridges Department.