High School Steroid Testing

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- "They need to know who is legitimately out there playing the game and who is out there giving it there all, and who is on steroids, they ought to test 'em," said Theresa Day, who lives in Odessa.

The State's Steroid testing plan will start in February and will test kids in grades 9-12. Nearly 800,000 kids play sports in Texas. According to officials about a third could face random steroid tests. The state will start by randomly selecting from a list of every High Schools in Texas. Then they will pass the list of selected schools to the National Center for Drug Free Sport, the same company that tests the NCAA.

"My son is an athlete at Odessa High School, so I don't mind them doing it," Beth Burger, the mother of a student athlete, said.

The first positive test will result in a 30 day suspension from games. To be eligible to play the student must pass an exit urine test. A second failed test will result in the student remaining out of sports for a year.

"They're leaders and examples and I think that's a good place to start," Vickie Redford, who supports testing, said.

Students will be tested by same sex testers. The kids will not know about the test until the tester shows up at their school. Parents can not opt out of the test. If the athlete is absent, and it is not excused, it will count as a positive test.

The state hopes it will deter students from using the performance enhancing drugs. The tests will only test for steroids not other drugs.

Students can appeal a positive test, but will be unable to participate in any sports, during that process.