Seminole Bus Catches on Fire

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS COUNTY - The Seminole Middle School Choir is safe at home Saturday, thanks to quick thinking by school officials, who ordered the kids to get on to a second school bus when the bus they were on, started to have engine trouble.

The Choir was on their way back from and event in Midland when the bus wouldn't accelerate. They unloaded the kids at the Kent Kwick on 1788.

"There didn't seem to be a problem we checked the engine everything seemed to be fine, it just wasn't going fast," said Eric Hindman, Seminole High School Choir Director assisting on the trip, "About a mile or two later everything was on fire."

The bus caught fire at around 2:49. Volunteer Fire Fighters from the Andrews Department had the fire out within 45 minutes.

"Usually on a bus with all the seat cushions and all that stuff so it goes up really quick," said Assistant Fire Chief Ray Powers, "The bus will be a total loss I am sure, all the inside is totally burnt."

Fire fighters say it started inside the engine compartment. Seminole bought the bus back in August for 365 thousand dollars, in was just 3 years old.