Midland Bank Robber Arrested

By Michael Stafford
Newswest 9

MIDLAND - An armed robbery at a Midland bank on Friday ends with at least one arrest, but we do know a second person may have been involved as a driver.

The Community National Bank on Florida and Terrell closed its doors at two-thirty Friday afternoon just after the pair fled the scene. 

Police have identified one of the suspects as 25 year old Eric Andrews Rios. 

Authorities are still questioning a second, unidentified male believed to be the driver.

Rios reportedly walked into the bank, handed the teller a note, and from what Midland police say that note threatened her life if she didn't cooperate.  

"When the teller asked how she could help, he handed her a note which read give me all your cash or I'll kill you.  And when the teller didn't move fast enough he verbally threatened her that he would kill her if she didn't hurry up," says Police spokesperson Tina Jauz.  

The teller hit the silent alarm and Rios fled out the bank and hopped into a waiting truck parked across the street.  Witnesses say they heard tires screeching.

"I was across the street when I saw screeching, and a big loud noise, and then I guess someone ran a stop light, and then two cop cars made a u-turn," adds Witness Marta Santibanez.
The suspect however, had no way of knowing a Constable was also in the bank and gave chase.  

It all ended some 12 blocks away on Florida and Marienfeld when authorities forced them to pull over.

"M.P.D. stopped the vehicle, arrested two subjects, and there was a gun, the note, and some of the money recovered from the vehicle," says F.B.I. agent Matt Espenshade.

And because a gun was involved, Authorities say Rios will face some serious federal charges.