Bank Robbery in Midland

Midland Police have arrested 25 year old Eric Andrew Rios in connection to the Community National Bank Robbery in Midland. 

According to a press release sent to NewsWest 9, a Hispanic male walked into the bank and stod around in the lobby before approaching the teller counter.  Once the teller asked him how she could help, he handed her a note directing her to give him all the money in the drawer and that he had a gun and would kill her.  When the teller wasn't moving fast enough, the suspect verbally told her that she should hurry or he would kill her.

There were other customers inside the bank at the time of the Robbery as well as other employees.  The clerk handed him the cash and he left out the west door of the bank.  The suspect walked across Terrell Street and go into a Ford F-150 driven by another male.

Witnesses were able to show police in the direction of where the truck traveled.  In addition, a Midland County Constable was inside the bank at the time of the Robbery.  The Constable and a Patrol Officer stopped the truck at the intersection of Florida and Marienfeld.  The two men were taken into custody.  Cash from the bank as well as a weapon were recovered inside the truck.

The actor, the suspect who went inside the bank, is being charged with Robbery.  He is 25-year-old Eric Andrew Rios (9-21-82).  It is unknown if the driver of the truck will be charged in connection with the case.

The FBI is investigating the case.