TXDOT Prepares For Ice on the Roads

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - Road crews aren't taking any chances. Workers with the Texas Department of Transportation are gearing up to treat all those icy roads. Supervisors said Wednesday they're on call 24-7, just in case any rain or snow hits our bridges and overpasses.

Employees have their schedules and shifts planned for Wednesday night and Thursday. However, for a lot of those workers who are going around trying to keep the roads from freezing, the work has already begun.

Crews were carefully watching and treating the roads for snow, sleet, or ice. TXDOT Supervisors in Ector County said the gravel substance they use to treat bridges and overpasses helps under all kinds of bad conditions. They said they use a mix of rock, salt, and other materials that really help to keep cars from losing traction on the road.

"The meltdown 20 is a more advanced technology. What it tends to do is you got to put it in before the moisture hits. If there's ice there, it melts it, and it keeps if from refreezing again," said Jesse Gutierrez, the maintenance supervisor for Ector County TXDOT.

He said they've got four of their trucks carrying the gravel ready to go. Wednesday, they treated some roads in West Odessa, and for Thursday, they said they are ready to give the roads the same treatment.