Don't Expect Delays If You're Flying Out of Midland International on Thursday

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

If you've got a flight to catch on Thursday, aside from giving yourself enough time on the roads to get there.

Don't expect delays, an airline spokesperson tells NewsWest Nine, things should be on time Thursday, even if your plane needs to be de-iced.

The crew should be able to get it off the ground as scheduled.

"We're actually pretty proactive when it comes to snow and bad weather.   We have a runway scan system that has sensors in the runway that tells us exactly what the surface temperature is so we know when it gets down to 32 and it's going to freeze, when to treat it, and what to use, so we pretty much stay open," Justine Ruff, Deputy Director of Airports, said.

But there is always a chance you could face delays if you have a connecting flight and your airline gets tied up at another airport due to weather.