E-Mail Hoax?

by Crystal Crews
NewsWest 9

We've been getting copy after copy of the same E-Mail in the last couple of days.

The E-Mails go into detail about attacks at Midland Park Mall and Wal-Mart specifically, but they are not the only stores mentioned.

The first E-Mailer claims to have been attacked on a Wednesday night outside Dillards at Midland Park Mall even going so far as to include a scan of her hand which appears to have been injured.

She talks about being attacked and pulled out of her car, and having her purse stolen.

When she finally makes it into her car to drive away, there is no sign of her attacker.

That's just one of the messages being circulated in a mass E-Mail.

The other one talks about a woman being attacked inside a Wal-Mart while she's shopping.

This account, like the first give just enough information to seem like real accounts, but when we called Midland Police, they told us they aren't investigating attacks at either place, and there isn't a rash of attacks similar to what the E-Mail claims.

Now that doesn't necessarily mean the attacks never happened, it just means that police don't know anything about and aren't working on anything related.

Now we did get an E-Mail from one viewer who pointed out something in the bottom of the E-Mail, a hyperlink to a company that sales pepper spray wondering if the E-Mails were being sent out in Midland to try and drum up sales.

While the hyper-link does appear in every version of the E-Mails we've gotten, it doesn't necessarily mean that company is using scare tactics to boost their sales.

But, like we said, when we checked it out, the Police Department told us, they weren't working on a series of attacks.