Old Big Spring School to Become Bible University

By Michael Stafford
Newswest 9

It started out as a simple idea back in the late 80's.  Then it became a dream worth fulfilling for a Big Spring pastor and his church.

Now, 20 years later, that plan to build a private christian school and four year Bible University just took a gian step forward.

Pastor Clint Collins of Life Church is bound and determined to fulfill this longterm dream.
A dream that seemed so distant until last Thursday when he offered only ten thousand dollars to buy the old Runnels Jr. High.  He was ecstatic when board members accepted it.

Now, those once difficult goals seem very attainable.

 "Well, my father-in-law had the idea many years ago, and when I came here I shared that same dream and when the opportunity came up for us to make a bid on the property, we thought and prayed about it, and we knew we had to make a bid," says Pastor Collins.

The district closed the school back in 1998 because repairs were too costly not to mention the asbestos removal.  But because these buildings could be declared historical, Collins is working on several lucrative grants to spruce up the old buildings.

It would be the region's only Bible University, and not only that, 90 percent of this area near Downtown is run down and there's room to expand.

"It would offer us a chance to reach people we couldn't reach before and give back to the community economically.  This specific area near downtown is great for us to expand and share God with the people here in this area," adds Worship Pastor, Jason Sanderson.  

If all goes well, Life Church would move its executive offices here in about one year and the Church would possibly follow.  Collins says the private Christian school could open within five years and the Bible University in five to ten years.