Local Police Group and Wives Rally for Signatures

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- February 9th members of the PPOA, or the Professional Police Officer's Association plan to hand over 2500 signatures to the City of Odessa, but to get there they have to rally to get the last of the needed signatures.

"We're on the last stretch, so we are really going to try hard to get the rest of the signatures," said Miriam Flores, a wife of an Odessa Police Officer, "We have been getting a lot of support from the citizens of Odessa, so we really really hope that it will go through."
If the organization gathers enough signatures it will put a measure on the ballot that will allow voters to decide on an 18 percent pay raise for Odessa's officers.

"Mainly, so we can be competitive with departments such as Midland, and some of the smaller agencies. So we can get quality and quantity in officers," said Cpl. Cody Young, OPD.

The group plans to start a door to door campaign Monday, and will be out in front of Wal-Mart on JBS Parkway Saturday and Sunday.

"They have a really tough job and they risk their lives, and I think that they should be well compensated for that," said Christi Solis, an Odessa voter who signed the petition Sunday at the Music City Mall.