Supporters for Republican Candidate Ron Paul Hold Rally in Midland

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - You've only about 10 months left before you have to vote for the next President, but one Tall City Group already has their mind made up.

Supporters of Republican Candidate Ron Paul rallyed Saturday in front of the Midland Park Mall.

Even though the Texas Congressman hasn't won a State's primary, they think he still has a chance to jump in front of the pack, because there is no clear front-runner in the Republican Party.

They also say there are many reasons why West Texans should vote Paul on Election Day.

"Under a Ron Paul Presidency, we would have a stronger economy.  We would have more National Defense, more security, if we brought our troops home from 130 Countries that we've sent them to," Joshua Milam, a Ron Paul Supporter, said.Supporters say they meet every two weeks with their "Meet-Up" group.

They'll be at it again February 4th in Odessa.

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