Big Spring Coach Lillian Chavez turns in her resignation

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

Big Spring Coach Lillian Chavez turns in her resignation, and the School Board accepted it.

It comes after Big Spring mother claims Chavez was involved in a cover up after Chavez's Fiance, Coach Derrick Workman allegedly kicked her son in the face.

The Big Spring Police Department is currently investigating those allegations.

The mother claims her son was at Workman's house with Chavez when Workman walked into the house and kicked her son in the face, busting his lip, jaw, and teeth.

The mother claims her teen took off, but was picked up by Lillian Chavez and dropped off at a house, where the teen was supposed to be that afternoon.

The mother of the boy claims Chavez told her son not to say anything.

Big Spring Police are investigating those claims, but no charges have been filed against Workman or Chavez.