Republicans flood South Carolina as Democrats work Nevada

by Steve Handlesman
NBC News

In the race for the White House, Mitt Romney winning Michigan means five different victors in five contested primaries!

Now there is no clear front runner in either party!

It's down to two, maybe three Democrats.

But four, maybe five Republicans still have a shot at the nomination.
Mitt Romney was in South Carolina Wednesday for Saturday's Republican primary.

His campaign was revived by a 9 point win Tuesday night over John McCain in Michigan.

Speaking in Charleston, Romney said, "I will not rest until we fulfill the promises that have been made to the American people. Get Washington  unstuck, get Washington fixed and get America back on track again."

Now it's Mike Huckabee who needs a win in South Carolina.

He's courting Evangelicals.

Meanwhile, John McCain is courting South Carolina's military vote.

"I will do everything in my power to tell you the truth whether you like it or not to lead this nation in this incredible struggle against radical Islamic extremism," said McCain.

Rudy Giuliani is less of a factor in South Carolina.

He's focused on Florida and possibly being the 4th Republican to win a primary.

Republican strategist Jack Burkman said, "Romney I think is the front runner.  He's got momentum coming out of Michigan. He'll be well financed one way or the other."

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton, who won New Hampshire, and Barack Obama, who won Iowa, have their the tiebreaker Saturday in Nevada.

They and John Edwards acted more like colleagues than competitors at Tuesday night's debate, especially on race.

"We're all family in the Democratic party," said Clinton.

"I think Hillary said it well." "I know that John and Hillary have always been committed to racial equality," said Obama.

Lowering the temperature, even as the races in both parties get hotter.