Standoff Ends: Neighbors Report Warning Signs

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- It took Odessa Police more than five hours to coax a man out of the Palm Garden Apartment Complex, Tuesday night, but many neighbors say they knew he had what they call mental health problems.

"It really did, because I didn't know things were going to get out of hand like they did. You know, I am glad they got everything under control like they did, and no one got hurt, that was the main thing about it," George White, a maintenance person at the complex said when asked if he was shocked by the way things escalated.

White says the man who lived in Apartment 10 often talked to himself as we walked about the complex. Last night, he speculated the man, at the center of the standoff may not have taken his medication.

"I have seen him talking to himself, he goes up and down those stairs talking to himself all the time. I've been around people like that, and I know that he is a very sick person. I feel sorry for him he needs help, he needs to be put somewhere where he can get help," said Claudia Torian, who lives below apartment 10.

More than five hours into the standoff the suspect just walked down the stairs and into police custody. Police then turned him over to an Ector County Medical Deputy, who then transported him to Medical Center Hospital. Deputies say this happened for his own safety, and they are waiting on a Psychiatric evaluation before any charges are filed. Police aren't releasing any further information, because they say he hasn't been charged with a crime.