Standoff involving Odessa Police is now over

by Crystal Crews
NewsWest 9

He walked out to encouraging cheers.

"We love you.  That's soul brother number one!"

Neighbors ecstatic no one was hurt.

All attempts police made to contact this man before failed.

Moments before swat members broke his window, throwing in a phone hoping he would talk to them.

"They eventually got the phone inside," said Cpl. Sherrie Carruth of the Odessa Police Department.  "He didn't answer it, but fortunately he did decide to come out on his own."

Police, dogs, and the SWAT team swarmed the Palm Garden Apartments just after six Tuesday night.

It all started with a call the man was chasing a maintenance worker through the complex.

When an officer arrived at his aparment, police say he slammed the door in the officer's face.

His next door neighbor was then told to leave.

As Laura Carrasco was walking out her door, she saw her neighbor pull a knife on the officer.

"He opened the door.  I think the officer asked him for his license.  He went back inside and came out with a knife.  It looked like a pocket knife, but one of those big kind of pocket knives. He stuck it out at the cop.  The officer pulled out his gun and backed away, and that's when the guy slammed the door on him."

Carrasco believes her neighbor might have mental problems.

"He has problems in his head.  He's not right," she said.  "There are times when he comes out yelling to himself, yelling at us, banging on the walls.  It seems like he's talking to himself.  He tells himself something then he responds to himself."

Whatever reason caused this man to barricade himself in his home, he surrendered peacefully.  And officers say they couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

"We love it," said Carruth.  "Our objective here was not to hurt him.  We wanted him out. This man apparently has issues, but he is also a human, and he has family."

Police have not identified the man.

Again, he was taken to the hospital for an evaluation.

Depending on what doctors find, police say he could be taken to a facility to get help or he could face charges of aggravated assault.

Neither he nor any officers were hurt.