Two men on parole busted with drugs in New Mexico

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

The crackdown on suspected drug dealers, steps up in New Mexico.

Two men on parole out of Roswell, New Mexico sit behind bars after getting busted with drugs.

Police arrested 40 year old Mario Aldaz and 39 year old Jose Armedariz.

After pulling them over for a traffic stop on east Bender, officers say they found methampetamines on Aldaz.

That's when they searched the car and found, a gun, drug paraphenalia, and scales.

Aldaz faces several charges including trafficking methamphetamines, violating his parole, and being a felon with a gun.

Armendariz is charged with violating his parole, and having meth and drug paraphanelia.

Both men are being held without bond.