Arson Fire Devastates Pecos Family

By Michael Stafford
Newswest 9

An elderly disabled Pecos man barely hanging on to his tears.  His family's life savings gone after someone torched his house.

A crime spree in Pecos that lasted nearly three hours.

Your heart really has to go out to this family.  The disabled man, Alfonso Hernandez, spent thousands of dollars to remodel a home for his daughter and grandson, but it only took a matter of minutes for their hard earned cash and their dream home to go up in smoke.

Alfonso Hernandez just can't understand how anyone could do such a thing.

"Why did you do this?  It was a dream for us.  You burned my home.  I treat everyone the same."  I hope they catch the person and make them pay for it, Go to jail, or something because that's not right to do all this," exclaimed Hernandez.

Hernandez took me around the home and showed NewsWest 9 his months and months of hard work.

He says he spent almost ten thousand dollars to buy new windows, plumbing pipes, and electrical wiring.  That also includes washers, dryers, bathroom fixtures, and much more.

He wanted his daughter and grandson to have a place of their own.  Now their dreams are shattered, and their bank account empty.

"It makes me feel angry, because I was going to live here with my kids".  "Why did they do this, because it's wrong, and they should go to jail," says Marybell Hernandez.

All this rubble is the result of a three hour crime spree late Wednesday and early Thursday in several areas of town.  It includes two homes, a car, a dumpster, and a mattress.  The fire calls kept coming one after another that night.

"From the time we got the first call, before we were through with that call, we'd get another call, and it went on that way for about two hours. 

To make matters worse, Hernandez tells NewsWest 9 it's going to cost him even more money to tear down the home, and he doesn't know how he's going to do it.