Odessa Officers Get Big Check


By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- The Odessa Christian Faith Center handed over $145 thousand dollars in checks, that will go to every officer in the Odessa Police Department. Pastors Don and Paulette Caywood gave a box full of the checks worth $1,000 dollars each to Odessa Police Chief Chris Pipes, Sunday.

"I have never heard of a church doing anything like this for law enforcement. I have never seen a contribution like this to a law enforcement agency, for equipment or training or otherwise and certainly not to individual officers," said Chief Pipes.

The Church has upgraded from brownies they used to bake to honor Police Officers.

"My heart was stirred to do something just to be a blessing for these men and women," said Pastor Don Caywood, who said the Lord called him to action after reading several articles about pay problems and staff shortages in the Odessa American in October.

Caywood used some of the Odessa Christian's savings and raised money from November to make it happen.

"A lot of times we don't appreciate an officer until we need one," said Caywood, "We wanted to show the people of this city, that people really care about the men and women in blue."

Chief Pipes started handing out several of the checks at the afternoon briefing.

"It makes us feel good to know they appreciate the work that we do," said Zorina Saldana, an officer with OPD, who was stunned to get the check, "There are no words to express the gratitude, we feel for them. Wow."