West Texas Food Bank seeing shortage of food

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

There's an amazing public response for donations each year during the Christmas holidays, but you might be surprised about the food shortages at the West Texas Food Bank.

In fact, NewsWest 9 learned Thursday, it's a problem going on Nationwide.

Executive Director Hyta Folsom says this is the first year in memory that her three warehouses are half empty in January.

Consequently, local families who rely on their help sometimes have to get help somewhere else.

And to make up for the shortfall, the food bank has to buy extra food, and then transport it here which is another added cost.

"We're trying to find food that we can get a very low prices, but we have to purchase food.  Even when we have food that's given to us, it costs us in transportation, because we have to pay to get it here," Folsom said.

The West Texas Food Bank serves 22 counties and feeds about 117 people each year across the basin.

If you'd like to help with a donation, you can call them at 432-580-6333.