Public Radio In Need of Donations

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

KOVC plays everything from Jazz, to Country, to even Celtic music. Plus, it draws from National Public Radio and American Public Media. However, there's still one thing slowing it down.

"The community has to support the station. The community has to come through with the dollars to pay for that programming," said Cheri Dalton, with Odessa College.

With no money from Advertising, and with Odessa College looking to expand elsewhere, DJ's can't buy new programming, so they're replaying last month's broadcasts.

"There's so many dollars in the pot, and you've got to look at all of your programs," explained Dalton.

But OC Administrators said it's a challenge for many public stations. KOCV broadcasts 18 hours a day to both Odessa and Midland. While a lack of money from the public is a problem, it's not the only area where the station needs some help.

"When you don't have a general manager, you're already short one-half of your regular staff," said Dalton.

That's right - Money problems and no station manager. That means more work for those already doing double duty.

"That general manager usually is the one in charge of developing the fundraising, writing for grants, arranging and managing the pledge drive, so without a general manager, yes it does make it a problem," added Dalton.

However, it's a problem, they hope the public will help solve.

If you would like to help the public radio station:

Call: 335-6336

Or just logon to:

from more information.