New Hampshire goes to polls in first primary

by Tracie Potts
NBC News

New Hampshire's polls are open and by tonight we'll know who's got the momentum, and the votes, to stay on the campaign trail.
This morning Hillary Clinton was mobbed by supporters she hopes will help her defy the polls and beat Barack Obama.

Obama made his final appeal. His only election day event was at Dartmouth college.

During the rally, Obama said, "Today is it your turn to stand up and be counted."

Poll workers are counting thousands of voters, some who just registered today.

John Edwards this morning again closely aligned himself with the presumptive Democratic winner.

"I think most voters see this is Obama, myself, representing strong vehicles for change and senator Clinton more representing status quo," said Edwards.

Among republicans, a new poll today puts Mitt Romney four points ahead of John McCain.

Romney said, "He's got a great network here.  I've had to battle from way, way behind.  I'm now in a neck and neck race with him."

Not according to every other major poll since Iowa.

But Mike Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani aren't banking on polls, they're banking on voters.

"Who is that Republican that has the best chance in November? I believe I am the Republican that can do it," said Giuliani.

Confidence, charisma or experience, it's now up to new Hampshire voters to choose.

Two new polls in South Carolina show Obama up 12 to 20 points over Hillary Clinton there.