Golden Globes canceled due to writer's strike

by Jinah Kim
NBC News

With less than a week to go before the Golden Globe Awards are handed out to Hollywood's best and brightest, the star-studded event has been canceled.

For more than six decades, the best and brightest in Hollywood have turned out for the annual Golden Globe Awards.  But in an unprecedented move, NBC and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association have decided to cancel this Sunday's ceremony.  In its place will be an hour-long press conference at the Beverly Hilton announcing the winners.

The decision comes as Hollywood's writers enter their third month on strike.  The Writers Guild vowed that none of its members would work on the show.  And on Friday, the Screen Actors Guild announced its members would also boycott the ceremony in solidarity, ensuring that the usually star-studded event would have to go on without the stars.

Tom O'Neill, an Entertainment Writer for the L.A. Times, says "the Golden Globes has to ditch the cameras and go on with the show because that's the sacred credo of Hollywood."

Now, this year's Academy Awards ceremony is also in Jeopardy, as the writers and producers remain deadlocked with no indication they're close to an agreement.

Peter Spears, a striking writer, says "we would love NBC to come back to the table and sign a deal that would put the Golden Globes on the air.  If they could just do that, this strike would be over tomorrow."

It's another blow to an industry that's seen hundreds of millions of dollars in strike-related losses already.