Midland Boy Wins CMN Texas Champion

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

He's only 9-Years-Old, but one West Texas boy will soon be able to speak for young children all across the country. NewsWest 9 first brought you his story during the Children's Miracle Network Telethon. Now, he's got another reason he's staying positive.

John Ross Espino has many reasons to smile.

"I feel happy," said John Ross.

And it's not just because he got a badge and Mickey Mouse cap Monday.

"You are the Texas Champion for Children's Miracle Network," announced Rachel Dobbs, the CMN Director.

Out of 13 hospitals in the Children's Miracle Network all across Texas, John Ross was picked to represent his state. He'll head to the nation's capital, where he hopes to meet the President, and then to Disneyworld for the national CMN events.

"It lets the communities know how the children are doing. What the hospitals are doing to impact each individual life, and how the children are impacted by it," said Dobbs.

And John Ross' mother, Charla Espino, said it's actually John Ross' stubbornness that makes him such a miracle child.

"If he hadn't been stubborn, he wouldn't have survived," explained Espino. "When he was born, he weighed 17 ounces, and they told us they didn't give him much of a chance, because little boys don't fight like the little girls do. But one thing, one catastrophe lead to another and he still hung in their and started fighting."

And he's hung on for 9 years, and wants other babies born prematurely at Medical Center Hospital to have just as much of a fighting chance as him.

"He loves radio-thon, he comes to every telethon, he comes to every event we have," explained Dobbs.

"To this day, people will call into the radio-thon and say could you play his original story and give us an update on him," said Espino.

But for John Ross, he said he's ready for his big trip and knows what he's going to say:

"We raised the money that we need, these babies, the equipment and the support that we need," said John Ross.

John Ross leaves for Washington, D.C. two months from Saturday.  His mother told us he's already anxiously waiting.