New City Hall in Hobbs Open for Business

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

HOBBS- Hundreds of residents and city officials met at the newly dedicated City Hall Saturday, hoping the project will pump a little life into the heart of the city.

"It brings life to our downtown area," said Director of Services for the City of Hobbs, Ronny Choat.

The First National Bank in New Mexico, stayed closed for more than a decade before city leaders could find a new use for the space.

"It was a beautiful bank building, but it's also a beautiful City Hall," said Reed Chittam, the former President and CEO of the First National Bank.

It took fourteen months from start to finish the renovation project, and cost Hobbs tax payers 7.5 million dollars.

"Everything came together, this last couple years, the right commission, the right mayor, the right economy, all of it worked together to make it happen," said Choat, "Most of the people in Hobbs are really excited to have this building renovated and being used again."