Penalties Handed Out For Iraan Deer Beatings

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

Pecos County Justice of the Peace, Cathy Ervine, met with the four teens earlier this week. All faced two Class C Misdemenor charges. Friday, NewsWest 9 learned how they pleaded, and what punishment they were given:

- Call Cade, 17, plead no contest to both charges.
- Zachary Owens, 17, plead guilty.
- The 16 year old plead guilty.
- The 15-year old plead no contest.

All were found guilty of illegal hunting the two deer, and using illegal methods to trap them. They're on probation for five months and will have to pay a 500 dollar fee. If they stay out of trouble and pay the cash, the charges will be wiped right off their records. The teens also have to complete a counseling session.

They were also found guilty of Hunting in Closed Season, and will have to pay a 300 dollar fine in addition to court costs. In total, they'll be paying more than 900 dollars each.

That's not the only punishment. As NewsWest 9 told you, the four have already been told they will spend 88 days of the Spring Semester in an alternative school. They're also banned from campus- Athletic and school events.

On Friday, NewsWest 9 talked with people about the situation. Most were very hesitant to come on camera. Many said while they don't support what the teens did, they also said negative media attention is hurting their town. A lot of folks in Iraan are hoping now that all the information has been released, all of the unwanted attention will start to die down.