Big Spring ISD Superintendent Under Review

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- Big Spring ISD Superintendent James Michael Downes is under review by the State Board for Education Certification, after a complaint was filed with the board.

All school personnel around Texas are listed on the webpage. The site lists educator both valid and expired credentials and any if the educator is under review.

Today on the webpage it flags Mike Downes, as under investigation. When Newswest 9 called the State Board, they confirmed Downes is under review, but they would not release any further details, because they are calling this an open investigation.

Board representatives say it's their job to investigate both minor and serious allegations alike. They did not give a time line for the investigation.

Newswest 9 spoke with Mr. Downes, he says he has not seen the complaint, but was notified about the investigation.

Downes say the complaint was filed by a former employee and it has no merit.

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