Two boys found after search and rescue in Crockett County

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

Two boys in West Texas will have the chance to celebrate Christmas with their family.  

This is all after authorities including DPS spent several hours on a search and rescue.  

DPS Troopers tell NewsWest 9 it all started late Friday night when they got a call about two boys, ages 16 and 6, went missing in the area south of Big Lake in Crockett County.

They say the boys had been out riding a four wheeler on a rural ranch, and expected to be back at the hunting camp by dark, but they didn't return.  

All kinds of authorities were out looking for the boys including Deputies from Crockett County and Reagan County.  

Finally, a DPS helicopter was called in from Midland to help, and they found the boys around 11:30 that night.  

Troopers say luckly neither of them were injured.