Chuck the Tree and Trash in Time for New Year

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The lights and ornaments will get put away for next year, but the tree will have to go and just anywhere won't do.

"They can bring them out here and we'll cut them down and use them as Mulch and it's a lot less dangerous than leaving them out in the alley or something like that where it can become a fire hazard," said Andrea Goodson, at the Household Hazardous waste facility on West 42nd Street in Odessa, next to the Time Machine.

The Girl Scouts are also picking up trees for a ten dollar donation, until Jan. 6. You can call 550-2688 Extension 306 or call 559-6025.

"Make sure all the lights are off, all the ornaments, garland, tinsel and the tree stand are all off. We just want the tree itself," said Goodson.

The holidays always create a lot of extra trash, the City of Odessa wants you to help cut down the load by recycling.

"We want them to seperate the perishables from the non-perishables. We want people to get rid of their food first, if you have to store garbage it's better to store paper and cardboard," said Oscar Maldonado.

Maldonado says last year extra trash stacked on dumpsters was strewn around town by the wind.

"We're asking the public not to do this, not to put trash around the garbage can or, in front of it, or on top of it," he said, "Alot of it can be recycled."

There will be extra open top trash cans for recyclables, at Floyd Gwin Park, UTPB, Woodson, and the Time Machine. Trash pickup will resume Wednesday (12-26).