Last Minute Shopping

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- If you are like 35 million other Americans, you saved your shopping list for last minute. The National Retail Federation say only 25 million Americans are done shopping, the rest haven't started.

"If I didn't have to be out here, I wouldn't be," said Chris Cobb, who had four presents left on his list,"This is ridiculous, everybody is out and everything. It's just nuts."

In the Basin, long lines and traffic tie-ups near the mall signalled the holiday rush.

"I am just about done now, but I did put it off till the last minute," said Lisa Veth, who thought the lines at Best Buy moved quickly.

Rodney Rutledge and his family drove to Midland from Odessa to get a few last minute things, bought his gifts in September and October.

"Couple days, left. I am ready. I am in the spirit. I am ready to go," said Rutledge in a Santa's Cap.

Some Retailers report gains over last year, but are down from a ten year climb, some analysts claim high gas prices and fears about the economy have contributed to a sluggish holiday shopping period.

"Last year I did my shopping a couple days before Christmas, and it wasn't this bad," said Cobb, who noticed more people waited to buy gifts closer to Christmas, this year.