Fatal MPD Shooting

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Midland Police shot and killed a suspected drug dealer after they tried to make an arrest at 6:16 Thursday morning.

The SWAT team forced their way into  the home of 38 year old Alfredo Losoya Vela, who was wanted for delivery of a controlled substance. Police found Vela cornered in one bedroom with a semiautomatic gun pointed right at them, Officer Mark Garza fired the fatal shot.
"We don't shoot first, and ask questions later. This was a high risk narcotics search warrant. The subject that was fatally wounded had a semiautomatic pistol, and did point it at the officers," said Interim Police Chief Price Robinson, who says the use of deadly force is always a last resort.

Police released a 20 year old woman hiding in the same bedroom with Vela. Inside the home police found cash, heroine, marijuana, and cocaine.

The Texas Rangers and the Midland Shoot team will investigate the shooting. The body will be sent to Fort Worth for an autopsy.

Vela was killed just blocks from where suspected murderer Chad Sanchez was killed in April by police. The Texas Rangers cleared the officers involved but some neighbors says its a trend.

"I wouldn't want people to think that there is something wrong in the department, because we had an officer involved shooting in April, eight or nine months ago. We went for a long time with out one, and these are just things that happen, you can't predict them, you hope they don't happen, just the circumstance happen and deadly force has to be used," said Chief Robinson, who says in this case the men had no choice.