Truck full of teens getting the blame for grass fire in Midland County

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

A truckful of teens are getting the blame for a grassfire in south Midland County.

It happened Thursday afternoon around 1:30, along east County Road 135 between South Highway 349 and 715.

According to fire officials an oil field worker saw the smoke, and went to check it out, thinking it may be a tank battery fire.

He says he saw a pick-up truck with some teenagers in it take off when he got there.

Firefighters think the fire was started by fireworks or matches.

They say with the dry conditions we are experiencing, a small fire or fireworks can get out control fast.

"They'll burn grass and possibly some structures with it if they're close.  If we get windy conditions, we could be in trouble with grass fires right now," Captain Karl Staggs with the Midland Fire Dept. said.

Midland County, along with several counties in the basin are currently under burn bans.