Midland Police Officers forced to open fire on suspected drug dealer

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

A suspected drug dealer gunned down and killed by Midland Police Thursday morning.

After investigators say he pointed a semi-automatic at SWAT officers.

NewsWest Nine the only camera's rolling when police wheeled out the body of 38 year old Alfredo Losoya Vela out of a home on north Weatherford.

It all started just after six Thursday morning when officers went to the house to serve a drug search warrant.

Investigators say the SWAT team forced their way inside Vela's home.

They found him cornered in one of the bedrooms with a semi-automatic gun pointed right at them.

That's when police say, a SWAT team member made a split second decision, and fired the fatal shots.

A 20 year old woman hiding in the same bedroom was also found, but she was not arrested.

After searching the home, police found two guns, including the one Vela had, herion, marijuana, cocaine, and a large sum of cash.

Vela's body has been sent for an autopsy.

As standard procedure, the SWAT officer who fired the fatal shots, Mark Garza is being put on paid leave during the investigation into the shooting.

He's a five year veteran.

The Texas Rangers and Internal Bureau from the Midland Police Department will be reviewing the case.

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