Iraan Teens Punished for Deer Beating

By Hema Mullur
NewsWest 9

It was on fields that almost 2 weeks ago a sheriff's deputy arrived on Friday night to find two deer beaten to death.  Now, the four teens found responsible have been given misdemeanor charges, but they will be punished more, if not by the law, then by the school district.

It's a crime no one can believe happened. 

"This isn't just being mischevious," said Jet Brown.  "It's being pretty cruel."

Four Iraan High School students, 17-year-olds Call Cade and Zack Owen, along with another 15 and 16-year-old, killing two deer trapped on this field.

"Deer had apparently been lured into a bullpen where the fence is approximately 8 feet tall and they could not escape," recalled Iraan-Sheffield ISD Superintendent Kevin Allen.  "Four boys took part in beating them to death.  It was obviously a bloody mess."

The teens have been charged with Class C misdemeanors which carry a fine of up to $500.  But that's not all the four will face.

"According to Chapter 37 law, if it was conduct that is punishable by a felony, that's how we have to treat it," said Allen.

That punishment could be up to a semester kicked out of school.  But, will any punishment address the real problem?

"If the students need help, if they need counseling, we're going to get it for them," Allen said.

The news has hit not only those in this small town.

"Throughout the state, even the country, we have had alumni contact me by email."

And Allen says the one thing they, and everyone else shocked by this story should know is something will be done.

"We're not just sitting here going, 'Oh well, whatever'," he said.  "We're not going to take a 'boys will be boys' attitude.  This is something that, if you're going to beat a defenseless animal to death, you have some issues we need to address.  Punishment is part of it, but addressing those issues, the psychological part is just as important."

The Superintendent will meet with the parents of all four suspects Thursday, and let them know what their punishment will be.  We'll find out, and let you know about it Thursday night.

We've also spoken with Chris Amthor, The Game Warden.  He says the two teens who actually killed the deer will face additional charges for restitution to the State.  Amthor says because the four teens have never been in any trouble before, and because they were remorseful and cooperative with investigators, no additional charges will be filed for now.