EXCLUSIVE...Major Drug Bust in Odessa

by Michael Stafford
NewsWest 9

A small trailer park in West Odessa, no longer has to worry about a large drug problem, that's after a major drug bust there Tuesday afternoon.

Worried neighbors called us on Tuesday concerned when some eight police cars and K-9 drug unit, stormed their neighborhood.

NewsWest Nine cameras, the only ones rolling when Odessa Police and the Ector County Sheriff's Office made three arrests.

We're told two of the unidentified suspects were illegal immigrants, but the lady who lived in the trailer is identified by neighbors as Angelica Garcia.

Authorities say they found about 150 pounds of pot, which has a street value of 120 thousand dollars.

Neighbors we spoke with who didn't want to be identified, say they knew illegal activity was going on there, and they feared for their children's safety.

"At three o'clock when I was backing out to get my kids, I saw the police coming and people screaming to get down on the floor, then one of the guys trying to run, the dog caught one of the guys by the leg.  They were just telling her to get down, get on the floor.  We knew it because of all the cars coming in and out all the time at all hours of the night.  Partying, loud music, there was always something going on there.  We're happy that all of this is ending now," one neighborhood resident said.

The neighborhood is known as the West Crest Mobile Home Park.

Meantime, authorities still have not released an official statement.

We'll update you on the story as details become available.